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Secret Question changed but not by me


So I got a text at 4AM and another close to noon CST saying that my secret question and answer have been established or changed. The thing is I did not do this. I did what the message said to so and called but all they could tell me was the same thing I already knew... that it was changed!! Couldnt even tell me where the change originated from. They told me to change my password and question... which I had already done. I want to know if my account has been changed/hacked/whatever and the customer service person was useless. If this is what the most expensive network out there gives as their customer service, then I may have to rethink about buying my iPhone X through Verizon.

I want to know where this change happened from and how. I had a secure password as well as all available security features on my account. The only thing I wish you had was two step authentication.

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Re: Secret Question changed but not by me

Community Manager
Community Manager



Your account's security is a big deal to us. We don't want you worrying and we certainly don't want you considering other options for service. We're glad to help with figuring out what can be done and making sure everything is secure. I sent you a PM. Please respond when you're able to so we can assist.



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