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Samsung Note 10 Plus BOGO not honored


We've been with Verizon for almost 20 years and we have never purchased a device from VZW without a promotion.

This time we purchased 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus devices through Samsung, as they had better pre-order deals along with VZW deals. Because this was the first time we had to purchase the entire bundle online, we got help from both Samsung & VWZ reps online. VZW rep helped us getting the line upgraded, but failed to assist us with the unlimited plan. I knew that I needed one new line, which VZW helped me with, but they never even brought up to mention the unlimited plan except the first time we inquired about the BOGO promotion.

I contacted several times and they told me I have to wait 2 months until the credit kicks in, which passed the return window too. 

After the 3rd month passed, I contacted today and they said I was supposed to have the unlimited plan, and because it was "mentioned" to me, and I didn't do it, now I am stuck with full retail prices of both devices. I mentioned to them that it was never informed to me, she basically said "too bad". and even said that their rep had put in a note in their system that they mentioned it to me. 

Even when I was getting the devices activated with the VZW rep they have never once brought up that this was a stipulation, and without this I won't be able to get the promotion, The rep helped us get the SIM cards activated, opened a new line, changed the phone number, waived the activation fees, did test calls, verified BOGO promitions, nut never ever mentioned a thing about an unlimited plan. A simple words like "Hey, I know you are doing this to get BOGO, but you currently do not have an unlimited plan. Do you want me to set that up so you are eligible to get that BOGO?" would have been just enough and I would have been happy to change the plan.

They say that it was mentioned to me, in one phrase, but they couldn't find anywhere I even refused to set that up. So why did they think I was going through hoops to get a new line added but not get the unlimited plan? and let alone help me with it?

Now after the 3rd month in, I can't return the device, I can't get the unlimited plan, I can't get the promotion. 

I just cannot believe that this is how a loyal customer for almost 20 years is being treated, and I am inquiring a way to get some help. 


Re: Samsung Note 10 Plus BOGO not honored

Asistencia al cliente

Hello there, TC1986! We undertand it is essential to take advantage of our promotions, this way you can best deal, and we would be more than happy to help you today. Can you elaborate further? When an how was your unlimited plan activated? 




Re: Samsung Note 10 Plus BOGO not honored

Líder Sénior

Oh for gosh sakes, didn't even read your post.  
@TC1986   The offers are posted online. It is always advised to read them.  The unlimited requirement was published as part of the deal if you upgraded through Verizon.  
Good luck