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Saddened by the Chicanery


Dear Verizon,

I surrender. All the fight in me has been extinguished. Most likely due to the month-long battle I became ensconced in just to get the "deals" I was led to believe I would get.

I only wanted to buy a couple of new phones and bring a reluctant family member into our Verizon fold. It was supposed to be a joyous thing, but no. It got ugly. 

It all began on September 16, 2020. I remember it well. I loved the idea of BOGO, with a $350 rebate, an Amazon Dot & SmartPlug, and even a $150 credit for switching. Wow!

Wrong. After dozens of hoops, mazes, confusion, and reading, then rereading fine print, I thought I had accomplished all the tasks put before me. Not well enough, apparently. Countless online chats, calls, even store visits later and I still don't know if I got any of the deals. I won't know for TWO billing cycles. What? Sigh. 

I have a pretty good inkling that I’m on the losing end of this debacle.

Verizon - Why ya gotta be so mean? I've been loyal, paid on time, even bragged about your coverage. None of it mattered.

Thanks for listening.