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Ripp Off


So I decided I would move my bill date a couple of weeks because it would be more convinient for me that way, Guess I was wrong! Not only did I have to pay my regular monthly payment but I was also hit with a $300 bogus charge! on top of all that I was offered a $10 credit for my inconvinience, What a joke! 10 for a 300 dollar garbage charge that they admittently agree and acknowledge! 

The whole point of moving my bill date was to make it easier finacially for me not mess me over, if I had known that I would have to double up my payment for the month to move my date a week I would have just stayed were I was and not moved a finger! 

The Fact that they would trick loyal clients into these dead end traps is sickning, plus trying to get any of this resolved is like pulling teeth, so in summary dont change your billing date and do not make any changes without reading the fine print, these MF's will just stick it up your arse and break it off with no problem!


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Re: Ripp Off

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You are not being billed extra.  In order to move your due date, your bill cycle is changed.  Since you said 2 weeks, you would get one wonky bill for a full month plus 2 weeks.  Your next bill, with your NEW BILL CYCLE will be due on the NEW DUE DATE, which will be 23 days after your bill closes.  

Didnt Verizon explain you would have a different bill cycle and a prorated bill?

Example:  if your bill is usually $600, and you moved it by 15 days, you would have either a $900 bill for one month, or an interrum  bill of $300, then your regular bill of $600 2 weeks later.  

Either way you’re paying for the same number of days service.

Re: Ripp Off


I understand now, would have been nice if they would have explained it to me, which I did ask by the way.. and they asured me nothing would change and they lied, Period. The fact that Im taking the time create a username and complain on some community blog is indication of how frustrated I am .


Then they offer me a $10 creditfor my troubles anda sorry not sorry to top things off.. they can shove it for all I care!


I paid the bill and I am done with this ,  I hope this will help someone avoid a similar situacion!

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