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Returning An Edge / Early Upgrade Device


I upgraded early on November 17th, 2020 after my old device was paid off 50%. I ordered it online, via same-day delivery so a local Verizon store delivered my device the same-day I placed the order.

The packaging of the new device and receipt DID NOT include a return label, or a box, to ship my old device back to them.

I chatted with SEVERAL agents who said that it would "come automatically" after 7 business days to ensure I liked my new device, but the box never came.

It's now December 2, 2020 and Verizon keeps texting and emailing saying they've "not yet" received my old device. Well, how can they when they haven't shipped a box that their agents told me to wait on?

Also, my account never emailed me a return label and even when I'm logged in, there's absolutely no return label to be found for me to print myself... You would think when upgrading, regardless of if a local Verizon store delivered it or if it just came from Verizon warehouses that they'd include a box and a return shipping label, but I guess not?

My question is: Can I simply return my old device to a Verizon store instead of trusting the mail with it? Or does it have to be shipped back?


Re: Returning An Edge / Early Upgrade Device

Asistencia al cliente

As a valued customer, your concerns are our concerns too. After revieiwing the feedback you've provided hear about not receiving a return shipping label, I'd be disappointed too. I apologize for your incovnenience and this is certainly not the customer service experience we ever want for any of our customers. We'd be more than glad to assist you. Verizon takes protecting our customer's personal and account information very seriously. Since we will need account-specific details from you, we've sent you  a Private Message on this topic:






Re: Returning An Edge / Early Upgrade Device

Sr. Member

If you do a in store return make sure you get proof of it as some have issue with that as well as if they shipped it would call and inquire again on this also