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Refund of deposit


Hello guys!

In short, I`m having hard time to get refund of my deposit and almost a full month of service I did not receive (transferred lines back in April, created ticket in early August and was promised to be contacted in 2 weeks from that time).

Now, I cannot contact customer service by phone or chat as I don`t have an active line and VZW seems to cut all the options for me to actually talk to somebody. Could you guys advise how to get updates on my ticket resolution?


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Re: Refund of deposit

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there YULNEM31. Getting a deposit back is certainly important, and I wouldn't want to leave you waiting on that. Typically, when a request is entered, eligibility of the deposit return is processed (which can take a couple of weeks) and then a physical check is sent to you in the mail. Even with a disconnected account, you will be able to reach us at 800-922-0204, or via the methods in our contact page:

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