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Pregunta sobre el uso de data


We recently changed our plan as I was checking our account t showed that we are allotted 8GB plus 2GB free for life so am I understanding that we now have actually 10GBs per month. Also it stated thatit will carry over if not all is used how does this work to our benefit.

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Re: Question on data usage

Empleado de Verizon

igrove, we understand the importance of making sure you have a good understanding on how your current plan works and all of the benefits that are included. Please allow us to further go over the details. With our new Verizon shared plans you do have the benefits of carry over data and safety mode which will help avoid data overages from occurring. Please follow this link for more information on these features please reference number 5 and 6. Does this information help clarify your concern?


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Re: Question on data usage


Lee Carryover Data FAQs | Verizon Wireless

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