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Problems with getting Veteran's discount applied


Any one have any suggestions to get the veteran's discount actually applied to their bill?   I was approved August 29 and since then have been on chat with them several times and given and "extra $25 for the inconvenience but it was not applied nor did I see the extra $25.   I also have been told that my plan qualified when I applied but not when I was approved so I have to change plans.  So I went to a verizon repreentative to find out what plan is comparable to one I have and was told I have to go back to Verizon itself to verify if it qualfied.   I was kicked off the website while on chat hold three times on Friday for timing out and after an hour not getting a response --like no one --on chat today.   I am a Vietnam veteran getting older and my income is shrinking.  Is there a better provider for veteran's I should look at?


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Re: Problems with getting Veteran's discount applied


It wasn't easy but I had to reapply online after I moved then faxed DD 214/copy of ID etc for verification to a number (I added letter I was already getting discount but moved kicked off discount) then I got email to activate discount. It was very confusing and hard!! The whole process for veterans discount is ONLINE!!!!!