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Previous call and text records-no longer works!


I am trying to locate where i can download previous month's call and text information (to excel) like I can do with the current data. The call information is listed on the bills, but I also want to see the numbers that the texts are going to and from, which is not listed on the bill. Also, being able to put it into excel gives access to sort that data by number or time, etc...This information used to be available by going to the previous bill and clicking "additional information", but now when I click on "additional information" it says there is an error. I've had this issue for a while now. Please help.

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Re: Previous call and text records-no longer works!

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We will be glad to help address any concerns that you have with obtaining this information. To confirm, is there a particular reason why you need call information? What exact information regarding calls were you looking for? DavidR_VZW