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Positive feedback about a recent customer service experience.


As others have pointed out elsewhere on this forum, there isn't a proper place to leave customer service feedback, and so I thought I would join a fairly short list of people and leave it here.  I think it's important to go through the trouble of giving positive input, because so often we tend to only offer anything at all when it's negative in nature.

I called in about an odd billing and data discrepancy about 40 minutes ago.  I'll spare anyone reading the details because the important part of the story is the associate I spoke to, whose name I believe was Brandon.  He took my call and right away I knew I was speaking to a charismatic person who was going to help me resolve my issues.  In the ~10 minutes the phone call took he displayed some rare characteristics for a typical customer service representative: he was engaged, listening to everything I said in a way that made me feel cared about as a customer, helped me understand and repair the problems, and through it all maintained a cordial, helpful, and professional demeanor.  I sincerely hope this message gets back to him and/or his supervisors in some way, because I want them to know that he did an outstanding job and that I greatly appreciate not just the assistance, but mainly the method in which it was given.

All the best, and thanks again Brandon,


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Re: Positive feedback about a recent customer service experience.


Figured I would just keep updating this with good customer service representatives I've had the pleasure of dealing with.  Hope that's alright.

Again saving everyone the nature of my issue (save to say that it was billing/credit related), I contacted a live chat associate to try to resolve an ongoing issue.  The person I spoke to was Jonathan VW., and he was both very polite and receptive to the information I gave.  It took a bit of working through the problems I've had with this last month's bill, but soon enough he had fixed my issue to a satisfactory degree and I was able to complete my monthly payment on time without a worry.  Great person and representative to work with.

All the best, and many thanks to Jonathan,


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