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Port in Issue



I had created a new verizon account and gave authorization for porting over my number from T Mobile. But however the request has not yet been completed. When I use my new verizon sim I do not get my incoming calls and messages but the old t mobile still works fine. I am able to receive and make calls with my old t mobile sim. I believe the port request has not been completed but the odd thing is that my bill is generated in Verizon even though the service is not working properly. Please advise with the issue that I am facing.


Kali c

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Re: Port in Issue

Community Manager
Community Manager


We're so happy to see you've come over to our wireless family! However, I'm saddened to see that there has been some stumbling blocks with the port process. I'm definitely here to help get you up & running as quickly as possible. Since you have posted this message, are you still having trouble? Did you receive a message on your Verizon Wireless phone that the port has been completed?

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