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Poor customer service!


I have spent MANY, MANY, MANY hours on the phone and on live chat's with Verizon reps. Never ever am able to speak with the same person so NOTHING has gotten resolved! Everyone gives me a different answer and nothing but more chaos has been created!

I purchased two new phones in December 2014, at that time I also signed up for a promotional plan they had at that time 30GB of data for $130/month at which time it would also be pro rated back to the first date of that billing cycle. YAAYYY! Right? WRONG!!! I ended up with maybe one bill with that pricing plan, somehow, some one, not me removed that plan from my account. I have called and called and called since Jan. 2015 trying to get this plan back on my account and to be credited my overages. Well, they keep submitting IPR's (for those of you who haven't had the luxury of spending hour and hours on the phone with Verizon's agents, that is an Inaccurate Pricing Request) that keep getting denied because, according to each following representative, the previous agent didn't give them all the information so of course it was going to get denied. One "supervisor" told me she would had to go back and back track and find all the other Verizon employees  that told me that I was getting that plan back, credited for my overages, and TWO rep's who told me they would give me a credit just for the inconvenience of sitting on the phone for hours with multiple agents (and other things I was told such as early edge up and 6 month early upgrade with renewal of 2 year contract) before she could work on approving all the things they offered me. REALLYVerizon!?!?!?! Are you saying I made all that up? Why do I have to wait for you to fix your employees mistakes!

One agent, created an entire new account for me, so then on the first bill of my new account, I had all kind of new equipment charges, new line activation charges totaling $957.00 (for 4 lines might I add!!).

My son dropped his new Iphone6 he got for Christmas in the Lake, I filed a claim with Asurion, because I pay for that every month, my claim was denied because I didn't have an account or that phone at the time of the accident. That would be because, I have that new sub account. Oh and I also had to pay that $957.00 bill because my account was turned off, even after I paid $250.00 and a rep in the financial department put my account on hold beause they were "working on" my account. So now I have probably incurred $20 per line to turn each line back on!! Oh and just prior to when the sub account was created,  I paid my bill, but now I get about 4 calls a day from collections trying to get the $340 I owe on my originalaccount. So Verizon wanted $340 plus the $957 from me!!! They are quick to call and collect from me, but not so quick to try to fix the problems on my account.

This is POOR CUSTOMER service and if I could get out of my contracts and go somewhere else I would!!!! How can I speak with someone who can really look over my account and find and correct the overages? I want ONE person only to handle it, that is why it has gotten so far out of hand!

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Re: Poor customer service!

Asistencia al cliente
TriciaG11913, I know the importance of receiving accurate information when it comes to managing your account. It's truly disheartening to learn that you've had such an experience with us. This definitely sounds like something that deserves our immediate attention. Please send me a direct message so I can provide a more personalized experience for you.
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Re: Poor customer service!


Attached is the letter I sent to correspondance, I haven't heard back from

them so I don't know if it has been addressed yet.

I was with Sprint for over 10 years, when I changed to Verizon my bill went

up, however I was willing to stick it out because the customer service was

so much better. I have been very surprised at the service I have gotten

through all of this.

I really didn't want to leave that post on the community board, but I was

not getting any help. However, today, someone was able to help me get the

Asurion claim for my sons phone. Kudos to that rep. It amazes me how I can

speak with 3-4 people, give them all the same information and EACH AND

EVERYONE of them gives me a different answer. I had spoken with probably 4

people before the one today and gave them the same information (probably

more) and not one of them resolved the problem the way this one did nor as


Thank you for following up with me, I hope you can help me get these

matters resolved.

Tricia Godwin

On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 2:39 PM, Verizon Wireless Customer Support <


Re: Poor customer service!


Just inquiring if you received my email. I see someone deleted my post from

the community forum.

I would have thought someone would have let me know that my letter was

received and my account was being looked into.



On Apr 18, 2015 4:33 PM, "Tricia Godwin" <>


Re: Poor customer service!

Asistencia al cliente
I apologize that something was deleted on your forum Triciag11913! I know how important it is to get this information fixed. If we did delete it, it was only for your protection. We take our customer account information very seriously. I have sent you a private message so we can get this resolved once and for all.
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