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Please fix chat and other online things


First: the chatbot pretty much doesnt help with anything!  I would rip it down to its foundation and start over...I cant see that thing helping anybody besides those that just want to be told how to turn their phone on!


Second: once the bot finally does pass you to a person, they cant really do anything to help...not even with helping you set up apple music!


third: when you go to the option of "send online texts" it says there is a desktop version (but to no avail there is no options for then you follow the instructions...and again they are wrong, there is no message+ app in the microsoft store...


Fourth: When you give up complete hope on Verizon haveing a 21st century online help system and convert to good ole fashion phone get a person that is all for having you just re-setup a whole new apple ID, becuase it doesnt act the way that is intended...


I could continue to go on, but I would really like to get back to actually setting up my phone...seeing that ordering it online and going through that setup also was a complete bust, and it didnt record my 4 digit pin at all, so I had to still drive into a store to get it setup (becus they wont do it over phone or anything) that didnt work either...


Verizon...I hope you guys step up your game...I'm thinking that Cricket had a better service support setup!

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Re: Please fix chat and other online things


You're upset because a VERIZON rep isn't well versed with an APPLE service..did I read that right?

If I call Apple and ask them to break down my Verizon bill, the support would be just as lacking. CS is there mostly for billing. You have an issue with Apple, call them. It's not a Verizon reps job to setup Apple music or troubleshoot why your Mac isn't supported with something 

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Re: Please fix chat and other online things

Community Manager
Community Manager

Paper6278 Welcome to the Verizon family. We're sorry to hear of the trouble you went through and appreciate your feedback. We want to make sure you're set up for success. Were you able to get the assistance you needed? 




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