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Phone that I returned to Verizon is stuck at the Post Office

I ordered a new phone online on 6/8 and paid for overnight shipping and expected delivery on 6/9. 

I did not receive the phone.  On 6/10, after numerous calls to Verizon to try and straighten out the problem, I was told that there were issues with orders placed online between 6/6 and 6/8.   I elected to have the online order cancelled and agreed to go to the local store and pick up the new phone that I wanted.

The agent confirmed cancelled the order I had placed online.  I went to the Verizon store, got my phone and all was well.

On 6/11 the phone that I had ordered online was delivered.  How frustrating.

I promptly examined the box and the contents, made copies of the receipt and labels, and put it in the mail to return it to Verizon.

I tracked the package from 6/11 and on 6/14 confirmed that it arrived at the Post Office in Dallas, TX, where it has been sitting ever since.

5 days later, (today, 6/19) I now have an incident opened with the US Postal Service to find out why the returned phone is "stuck" at the Post Office.

This has been the worst and most frustrating experience I have ever had with Verizon.  I've been a customer for about 10 years.  This takes the cake for sure.

Now what?

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Re: Phone that I returned to Verizon is stuck at the Post Office
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This is definitely not the experience we want you to have gadgetgirl23. I understand how concerning it must be to have a phone stuck at the post office. Have you tried reaching out to the post office to determine why it has yet to ship to our warehouse? Do you have a tracking number avaialable?


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Re: Phone that I returned to Verizon is stuck at the Post Office


is the tracking number.

I submitted an incident to USPS customer support last night. I have not received a response.

My main concern is that this is taking so long and I do not want to be charged by Verizon for the returned phone.  Especially since I already wasted $14 for overnight shipping on the order, which did not get delivered overnight.

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