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Phone stolen, prorated charges...


Hi, my phone was stolen 3 weeks ago in Berlin and I will be in Europe till August. And I got an email from Verizon:

"We are notifying you that your line(s) will resume billing but service will remain suspend on 06/18/2015 unless you reconnect the service before this date.

Luego de la reconexión, tu factura incluirá los cargos prorrateados del ciclo de facturación actual, así como también los cargos del próximo ciclo completo de facturación."

which is ridiculous because there's no way I will get a verizon phone here. Is there anything I can get away with this?

Second, if these ppl charge me regardless, I want to downgrade my plan to 250mb data, which is not available on the webpage.  There's no way other than live chat to contact the costumer service, but goddamn live chat has never been available since the day my phone was stolen. Can anyone help me out of this shitty situation???

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Re: Phone stolen, prorated charges...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello catlopop! I'm very sorry to see that your device has been stolen. I recommend we get right to work on securing your account, and discussing resolutions for your device needs. To that end, I've sent you a direct message requesting account information. Please reply there!


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Re: Phone stolen, prorated charges...

Líder Sénior

You can request a 90 day period (can be done online) suspension without billing. This can be repeated once again for a total of 180 days in a year period.

Also make sure your account is secure. It is always a good idea to change all your passwords in situations like this.

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Re: Phone stolen, prorated charges...


In order to reach Verizon, should you still need to, you can call them via Skype.

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