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Phone completely died, options?


I have (had) a Droid Razr M for almost 2 years. My 2 year contract ends in July 2015, but the battery for my phone overheated or just died. When I try turning it on, it gets stuck on the Droid Red Eye or the screen stays black. I've made sure it was charged before powering it on, done resets, let the battery cool, plug it in a computer, and everything else I could think of. A phone repair shop couldn't fix it either.

I planned on switching to the Verizon Edge plan in order to get a new phone. I went to a Verizon Store branch to ask if this was possible, and they said yes, I could upgrade to Verizon Edge (even though I told them my phone won't power on). The only thing I had to do was fix the cracked back of the phone and send it back to Verizon within 7 days of the plan change since my 2 year contract isn't over. So we got the back fixed for $60.

I originally got my phone through Costco, and assumed the Verizon plan policies are the same anywhere, so I went back there to go through the process of switching to Verizon Edge. I was almost finished until we got to the last step, where there was a statement saying in order for me to switch to the Edge, my phone must be able to power on. This is totally different from what the Verizon branch told us, so we ended up having a sunk cost of $60 and me walking out without a phone. We were very upset and found it ridiculous that Verizon led us in the wrong direction.

So... my question is: What would be the options (with prices if possible) for a new phone?

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