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My bill is $696.10 because of data over usage. My daughter was being irresponsible and over used $630.00 worth of data. Which she will be paying down. I was wondering if I could make payment arrangements? And with those payment arrangements am I aloud to still have the service on?

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Re: Payment Arrangements


Hey, you may find these instructions helpful.

Payment Arrangements - Billing and Account Customer Service | Verizon

It doesn't say about service, but perhaps after you set them up you can have a quick Chat session and verify with a Verizon rep.


Re: Payment Arrangements

Community Manager
Community Manager

MiiHere that is an excellent link! Just to add my own extra info, once your bill does go past due you can contact our Financial Services experts at 866-266-1445. They specialize in arrangements and I know they will be able to help.


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