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Overdraft question


Trying to determine if someone lied to me.

They told me on 6/17 that they forgot to pay their phone bill and asked for 275 which I sent to them.

On 7/2 in casual conversation they mentioned their phone was cut off that day and they had to make a payment to get it turned back on.

This raised a red flag because I assumed that if a payment was made 6/17 the soonest cut off would be 7/17. However I now understand it can be more complicated than that.

I asked them to send me a screenshot of recent payments. They did. However it shows a 6/13 payment and a 7/2 payment.

I pointed out that there was no 6/17 payment. They replied with the following: "The payment came out and overdrafted my acount. If it's not replentished, they'll return the payment. It was a promise to pay draft because I was already behond over 31 days. That was to stop the first disconnection. I still had to pay the second billing cycle and they disconnected me because I was past due on that with the third billing cycle having been released."

I'm not sure if that supports the payment dates they showed me. So my question is, if there was an overdraft on the 13th and the customer puts money in their bank account the 17th, let's Verizon know and the payment is drafted on the 17th, should the payment info in the Verizon app show a payment was made the 17th? Or would it somehow date the payment to the 13th when the first draft was attempted?


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Re: Overdraft question

Community Manager
Community Manager

We understand the importance of clarification when addressing payments. Allow us to help. The payment info in the Verizon app will show the date the payment has been processed and not when the first attempt was made. ¿Respondimos tu pregunta? 



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