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Outgoing calls not working


Anyone else have issues with calling out to other Verizon customers and the just sits there, never rings, and then eventually will say 'Call Failed.'  If you attempt a second time it will immediately go through.  On the other person's end, it will do a half ring and appear you hung up.  Thought the carrier update that happened on Monday may have fixed this however it is still going on.  I am in the Tampa/33605 area.  Gracias.

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Re: Outgoing calls not working

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's definitely not an experience we want anyone to have. We took a look and there's nothing reported in the area. When did this begin? Do you know if anyone else is experiencing this?



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Re: Outgoing calls not working

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What model phone are you using?  Are you manually dialing, 7-digit or 10-digit, or dialing from an address book entry or another source (text or email)?

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