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Open letter to Verizon Customer Support


Black Friday is coming up, so it reminds me about my Black Friday Verizon experience from 2 years ago until today.

2 years ago on Black Friday, Verizon had a Free Sony Xperia promotion with 2 year contract.  At that time I had no idea about 2 types of Verizon stores: Real Verizon and Verizon Authorized Retailer Store.  As you probably guessed I went to Verizon Authorized Retailer Store.  So when I got there I asked for Free Sony Xperia promotion.  Without telling me a thing, instead of giving me a free phone with 2 year contract they set me up for EDGE plan.  They did not have my phone in stock so they told me that they are going to order it.  About a week late they called me and told me that my phone is ready for pick up.  When I got there I realized that something is not right.  When I questioned them about Black Friday Free Xpedia again they told me that my deal (EDGE) is even better than Black Friday deal.  I insisted to reverse my contract to honor Xperia Black Friday deal, but they said "it's too late".

I called Verizon Customer Service and asked them to help me to reverse EDGE contract and honor Black Friday promotion.  They promised to help me.  It was going back and forth for over 2 months until a service representative stopped replying to my emails.  Three months got by when I called Verizon again and explained everything all over again.  This time I was told that I have to go through a different company that owns that Verizon Authorized Retailer location.    They gave me the name of that company: GoWireless.  I called GoWireless and explained how their Huntington Beach Authorized Retailer 9951 Adams Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 location tricked me on getting EDGE instead of honoring Verizon Black Friday deal.  They replied that they have 90 day return policy and nothing they can do to help me.  As far as punishing sales people, they said that they will conduct an investigation but they won't be able to tell me about the results.

Month later I stopped by that location, every single person at that location was new.  I spoke to a new manager and she told me that she never met with previous crew and she doesn't know any history.  At that point I have resigned myself to the fact that I exhausted all my options to fight for justice and hopefully people responsible for my troubles got punished.

But this was just a beginning.  Fast forward, a year later, at the beginning of November 2015 I started having issues with my Sony Xperia.  A power cord cover fell off, phone was constantly overheating so I couldn't even take pictures or videos, a red spot appeared in the middle of the screen.  I called Verizon again.  This time I was told that my phone is still under Sony warranty and I need to call Sony.  I called Sony, but it was just a waste of time.  They told me that my carrier should handle warranty and I have to call them back.  I ended up calling Verizon several times and going through  factory reset of my phone.  Finally, I was able to convince Verizon to send me a replacement phone.  I got my new phone at the beginning of December 2015.  I went through required steps to transfer my files and contacts.  Unfortunately, I was having an issue with transferring my contacts, not all contacts got copied.  I called technical support and got a set of instructions that I followed but it was taking a long time so they promised to call me back later to check on the result.  I was not able to sync my contacts and no one called me back from Verizon technical support.  I called Verizon Customer Service and complained about technical support not calling me back.  Verizon representative told me that their CRM system doesn't have an option to remind them to call back customers.  I mentioned that I need to send my old device back in 30 days but she replied that I don't need to worry about that because Verizon will refund my money as long as I return my phone in 300 days.  I was quite surprised by that but she reassured me again.  At that point I was really exhausted dealing with Verizon so I just put my old phone inside of the box that I got with my new phone and left it in my closet.  I got about 2 messages about returning my old phone and I was finally charged a full price for my old phone.  But I was not concerned because I believed in what customer service representative told me, I was sure as long as I return my old phone back in 300 days I'll get my money back.

August 2016, I took my old phone out of the closet, charged it and to my surprise, my new phone displayed a message that my contact list is in sync.  I was about to send my old phone back when I realized that Verizon did not provide with a return label. I called Verizon Customer Service several times explaining my story again and again.  Average time per call was 30 minutes.  Every single time I was reassured that I should get my label soon.  A month later I got a plastic pouch for my phone but no return label.  I had to make several additional calls.  Finally, I got my return label on October 20th and immediately shipped my old phone back.  It was received by Verizon's Fort Worth office on November 1st [Removed].  I called a week later and I inquired about my refund.  I was told that they cannot find a record of my returned phone in the system.  I provided with a tracking number then I was told that it takes 2 weeks to process it.  I called back in 2 weeks and I was told that I am not going to get my money back because Verizon has 30 day return policy and the person who told me about 300 day policy was wrong.

In conclusion, I paid twice for my mediocre Sony Xperia phone instead of getting it for free with my 2 year contract.  It is a classic case of "Justice delayed is justice denied".

Will W.

personal information removed as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service

Message edited by Verizon Moderator

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