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One year upgrade and water damage


I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I am eligible for a one year upgrade next month.

I need a new phone anyways because I got my phone wet and it wont turn on so I am using my back up phone.

I was wondering if I can still upgrade if my phone that is eligible wont turn on?

and if so how much does the upgrade effect the cost of a $500 new phone?

Does the upgrade extend my contract another 2 years?

Is it worth it to just pay the full $500 for a new phone?

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Re: One year upgrade and water damage

Líder Sénior

The old phone makes no difference.  It cant be traded in being damaged.  You can either opt for a new 2 year contract or you can opt to go with Edge.  If you upgrade on subsidized price, it will require a new contract.  Most people find Edge a benefit in the long run, even if you plan to keep the phone and never Edge up after 100% is paid off.