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Old plan or new plan


Here's my dilemma. (Visual learners like myself may need to draw a diagram).  I have five lines under my old plan (Nationwide talk and text - 1400).  Two of those phones are on data plans.  I wish to drop one line (basic phone) entirely because it is no longer used.  Two of my phones are eligible for upgrade under the old plan, one a smartphone, one a basic phone.  The upgraded basic phone line, however, I now wish to be a smartphone on a data plan.  We currently have 4GB total of data available which we sometimes go over.  That would mean that I want to have 4 lines, 3 on data, 1 which will never be on data.  I would like to upgrade two of my current devices.  My current contract expires next week.  My current plan total (five lines) is $185 a month (which may or may not include a 25% employee discount, I'm not sure). 

The new plan in which I am interested would be the XL 12 GB plan ($60 data), Unlimited talk and text, total price $180 (price may or may not reflect 25% discount) for FIVE lines one of which I do not need so the line access cost should drop with FOUR lines.  Under the new plan I would have to pay full price ($14 month for each phone I wish to upgrade).

So--Can I upgrade to new phones on old plan and then switch plans?  Is there an extra cost involved for doing that?  Or will it be better to get the new plan and pay full price for upgraded phones?

Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Old plan or new plan

Asistencia al cliente

Upgrading and changing plans can be difficult to understand. We appreciate your detailed description of what you are looking to accomplish. If you were to upgrade your phones under contract with discounts involved your line access fee would remain at $40 per month not $20 with the Verizon plan. It would be better to upgrade your devices using the Device Payment Plan and only paying $20 per month along with the payment amount of $14. The other option would have you paying $40 plus $14 for the phone cost per month. If you would like to make this change we are more than happy to assist.

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