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Switched from the everything plan with 3 lines to the 1G Plan, because you couldn't get anything Right.The names on each phone was wrong, when you fixed that, the owner was wrong, when you switched that, we went back to getting the names wrong, and around, and around again.

Now instead of $45.00/month, I'm paying $76.00/month. I still have my same shitty Kyocera that has never worked. I've been through 3. Help has never worked, Voicemail has never worked. My Data get's shut off all the time,

My sim card has been Network Locked on all 3 phones also. What does it take to get a good, cheaper plan, with a working phone?

Michele Abramo

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Re: Novice
Asistencia al cliente

It sounds like you have not had the best experience and we want to turn this all around, NUNZIO66! We want to ensure that your device is working correctly. Granted the multiple issues you are experiencing, we would be delighted to speak with you directly in order to have these all resolved. Please call us at your earliest convenience from another device than the one you are having issues with or you can always chat with us online. Here is our direct contact information: http://vz.to/1g1mHjf If you would like to further explain what issues you are having specifically with the Kyocera, we can also help here. What model do you have specifically? Also, what happens when you try calling your voice-mail, any error message?

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