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Not used data charges


I'm being charged data for video, audio, social media and gaming yet have never used these services on my phone. Why am I being charged?

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Re: Not used data charges

Líder Sénior

Since Verizon does not indicate WHICH apps fall into any of those categories, how would you know if you have used any of those services?

You CAN look on your phone to see which apps are using data. If you have an android phone, go into settings => data usage => cellular data usage for a list of apps and how much data each one has used. Just looking at the app, though, you can't always tell which of those categories any specific app's data usage would fall under. Or if it could fall under multiple categories by a percentage of the app's usage?

For example: Verizon phones normally come with a certain amount of bloatware. Some of that bloatware is comprised of games. Do you have auto-update turned off in the Play Store(if using an android phone)? If not, do you have auto-update set to only do so while on a wifi signal? Do you have any of those bloatware game apps disabled? If not, when those apps are updated(auto or otherwise) would THAT data usage fall under the "gaming" category since it is a "game" which is being updated? I certainly don't know and the categories you have listed which are available on Verizon's website certainly don't indicate whether or not that could be the case.

The same could be the case for any other apps which could possibly be in those categories. Any apps you don't use, you should delete from your phone. Apps which you don't use and cannot be deleted, you should disable. You should also at the very least set auto-update in the Play Store(if on an android device) to run ONLY on wifi.

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