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Non-stop robo calls since switching number from ATT


I switched over to Verizon from ATT in March. Shortly after I began receiving 2-3 calls from telemarketers per day. I was with ATT for 15 years and never had a problem with this. I finally called up Verizon and they told me they would move me to a do not share/contact list. On what planet does somebody want to start on the please call side??? A month later I am still receiving non-stop calls. The telemarketer hangs up immediately when I ask where the number came from.

** Be careful ** I went to verify my privacy settings. I noticed the CPNI settings were still set to share. I clicked on "do not share" and then the save button. Well when he page refreshed i scrolled down one more time and I noticed that "Business & Marketing Insights" somehow changed from "Do not share" to "share". I'm sure people never think to check again. Pathetic.

Yes Verizon, I understand changing my number will help but if I have to change my number i will change my carrier.

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