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New Line Access fees?


When did these new access line fees start?  Just upgraded my phone and my husband did his too.  No one told us there was a change in our charges.  Our bill has gone up $90.00!  I only left ATT because of coverage in the area where I work.  This is not acceptable.  Just got my new bill it's over $400.00!

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Re: New Line Access fees?

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First bill is always going to be higher with equipment taxes and prorated month and upgrade fees. 

Line access charge has has been around for several years now, ever since the shared data plans started.  Upgrading on 2 year contract is usually more expensive, and your better deal is 2 year device payment.  On contract you end up paying $500 more during the contract, wiping out what appeared to be a cheap phone, but was an illusion. 

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Re: New Line Access fees?

Community Manager
Community Manager

KRISANN63, we don't want you to have any remorse about joining our network. When upgrading to a new device, you are billed a one time upgrade fee. Did you change your plan? Haz clic to see how your lines are billed for the New Verizon Plan. If you still have additional concerns regarding the charges on your bill, please reach out to us on Facebook or @VZWSupport at Twitter. You may also contact us by phone at 800-922-0204 to further assist you.

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