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My number is being ported to a different carrier


I took it upon myself and did this today since I got to the point of could not wait anymore for the investigation and fraudulent team to resolve my account of the high balance of what it is showing on there, a balance of $1,559 and some cents, so what I did was got on a different carrier website today and was looking at their specials on the phones of what they have on good deals right and as I was scrolling and looking at them I finally made that decision to go for one of them at the good deal it is right, it is a LG Stylo 5 for only $19 that's by becoming a new customer and transfer/port my number over to them and I had to select a all unlimited plan for that awesome deal on that phone to happen for that low low, so I went to  adding to the cart and what not, and I put in my account number with Verizon Wireless as well as my PIN number when I got to that part to bring your number over to the carrier that I had went with, when I hit the place order once all of the information that was needed to complete it from my name, address, state, zip code, phone number, last 4 digits of SSN of my account with Verizon how about the order was successfully placed, and I got a email of my order confirmation and that my phone number transfer was confirmed and that the new carrier are working hard to get my items shipped out, Once your order ships, you'll receive an email with your tracking number, and I got the email and all with my tracking number so I assume that the order went through and I also got a text message from Verizon letting me know that the line ending in the last 4 numbers of my cellphone number is in the process of being transferred to a new carrier. and that if I did not authorize this transfer to call that toll free number provided in the text message. So with that being said, Verizon gonna have to see that I made that decision to transfer my number to a different carrier after what I am going through as I could not wait any longer as they are still working on that situation on my account, and I bet I will have to pay the termination fee since I did not stay with Verizon, next Month on June 3rd would of made a year of being on contract but I had to let Verizon go, the phone I currently have I will be selling it and using the new phone that I will be getting from the new carrier that I chose to start service with. I bet Verizon is gonna be sad that they will see on their end that I decided on my behalf to go to a different carrier instead of staying with them until they resolve my account balance that it is showing but instead I had the right to transfer my number over to a different carrier since I did not wanna wait any longer for them to get finish doing what they should be doing. No time soon will I be wanting to start a contract back up with Verizon, I really do not like a contract since I cannot rebuild my credit on it like I used to think I could do, I was approved for 5 lines through a different carrier of a contract but I did not choose to start no contract since I wanna do prepaid service for the rest of this year of the carrier I  will be starting service with by Friday or by the weekend one. I like prepaid more better cause I pay the bill cheaper than on contract since it be much more higher, I don't see the point of ever having a contract cause the benefits of it or not all that good to me anyway, and if I would have started a different contract of the 5 lines I was approved with, I could of went for the 2nd generation of the iPhone SE 64GB  Product Red color for only $3.34 cents a month yes that's right cause the representative said that when I had told them what phone I would of had went for if I was to start a contract with them and I was like wow that phone would be at a steal deal that I could afford. that sure would of been the price for me based on my credit score when they was looking into that on their end of my credit score.