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My galaxy s5 is not operating properly and Verizon doesn't seem to care.


I have had multiple issues with my phone. When I try to move music to the SD card it deletes them, I was unable to get to the Verison cloud because it said I did not have wifi access (even though I could wifi to the web the app store etc), my cloud got filled up with music that I did not send and when I delete it it reports it as still at the max of 5 gigs, when I delete music my ring tones and such are unassociated with my contacts, amber alert will not go away, and on and on and on. I have spent about 12 hours on the phone with tech support, we have totaly blanked the phone and still the phone is not working correctly.

I went to the Verizon store earlier this week and they politely listened to me and told me there was nothing to be done. I asked them to transfer my contacts and pictures to my old phone and return the new one and they refused, THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME CONTACT INFO TO SOMEONE THAT WAS ABLE TO DEAL WITH THIS.

I am ready to contest the payment on my credit card. I can handle what ever credit ding they wish to hit me with because my credit score is so high it was questioned when I purchased a car 2 months ago. I am sure that an explanation that the phone did not work and numerous attempts to fix it were unsuccessful and they refused to grant me a refund will deal with the issue just fine.

I am going to Verizon in a few minutes to see if they will fix these issues or refund.

I would be interested if anyone had any contact info for someone in the east Tennessee area so I can get this resolved. I don't think that I am being unreasonable wanting a phone that will do what it is marketed as being capable of.

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Re: My galaxy s5 is not operating properly and Verizon doesn't seem to care.


If you have the more everything plan and qualify for the 25GB cloud, log into your verizon account online and go to my verizon>my account>manage my products and apps and add the 25GB cloud service. It will say you're being charged for it, but then a credit will applied (this is assuming you qualify for the free cloud upgrade)

Settings>Application>Application Manager>All (scroll left to get to All)>Verizon Cloud>Delete Cache, Delete Data and Restart your phone.

Open Google Play and make sure Verizon cloud is updated. Open Verizon Cloud app and input the information it asks and then back up everything to the Verizon cloud.

Log into your Verizon account, go to my account>my device>back up my contacts (this takes you to the cloud) and view that everything has been backed up.

on the phone go to settings>backup and restore>unselect app data back up and app restore

power the device off, hold the volume key down while holding the power on button (about 10 seconds) and perform a factory reset.

Open google play store and update all the apps you use and then open verizon cloud on your device and restore what you want restored and customize your phone how you want it.

NOTE: When backing up to the cloud and importing cloud contents back to your phone be connected to wi-fi.