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My final bill detail seems to be awol


I received a generic email with the TOTAL of my final bill but no details.  I ported service to another carrier approximately a month ago, Verizon has computed my final bill with the cancellation fees.  They sent me an email with the balance that they want paid.  It is DUE in a little over 2 weeks....yet the PDF for the final bill does not show up on the MYVERIZON site and I haven't received it in the mail.  My previous bills are all there online, but NOT the final one.  That makes no sense to me.  I called customer service and they were very little help and tried to pressure me to pay my bill (that isn't even due yet).  They said that they can't email me the bill and they don't know why it isn't online.  Why would Verizon send me a "bill due" notice via email and not provide any copy of what the detail behind what they say I owe?  Why would I pay a bill that I haven't seen the detail for?  Pretty poor service.

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Re: My final bill detail seems to be awol

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear we've lost you TRALAG92. I know how important it is to be billed correctly, so I understand your concern.

I can take a look at the account and request a copy of the final bill to be mailed. Please reply to the Direct Message I sent you so I may further assist.

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