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My Verizon App - Account Security


Has anyone else had this?

In My Verizon App my feed shows that I have an order update.  When I check, it shows an order that I did not place.  I can see what items were purchased, where and when they were purchased, a receipt, delivery status, the person's email address, delivery address, etc!  Again this is not my order.  It does not show in my online account under orders and verizon can't see it there either.  It is only showing in My Verizon App.  It looks like the order could be a fraudulent order based on the purchase amount and delivery method but it is not connected to my account so it may be legitmate by someone else.

My concern is that my information may displayed in someone else's My Verizon App.  That is a serious security issue.  Vz's fraud department is looking into it but it is very disturbing to say the least.  

Check your My Verizon App!

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Re: My Verizon App - Account Security


I had something similar happen today.  Last night I received notification that my bill was paid (I did not pay it).  All night I was getting notifications that I needed to click the secure link to continue getting help.  Then this morning, another text asking me to rate my call experience from yesterday.  I HAVE NOT CALLED VERIZON.  I logged into my verizon app and found that a cell phone had been ordered under my name that was in route to DE.  A few minutes later I received a call from Verizon.  They were calling me because our call had gotten disconnected.  Again, I DID NOT CALL VERIZON.  The lady on the phone said that she thought it was a little suspicious.  The person she was speaking with (that was pretending to be me) had poor service.  She asked them for a good number to reach them on if they had gotten disconnected.  The scammer hung up on her when she asked for a number.  So she called the number on my account (which was mine).  She sent me to the fraud department who cancelled the order.  The lady from the fraud department could not see the order at first.  She also could not tell me what payment method was used, so I have no idea if I should cancel my credit card or which one for that matter.  I just have a feeling that this is not over yet. 

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Re: My Verizon App - Account Security


call cs 1-800-922-0204

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