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Why can't I get anyone at Verizon to straighten out my bill? I have spoken with 4 different "bill experts" all whom have told me "not to worry, they will take care of the situation and resolve my billing issue" and it's still wrong. 
I have only had service since 1/1/2020 and I've already received a bill notification on 1/04/2020 saying my bill is past due for $109.02 and that my bill on Jan 24 will be $515.66

How is this possible??? I have 2 phone lines and the 3rd bill rep stated my bill would be approximately $184/month. 
I have had to call every day since opening my account and can't seem to get anywhere with anyone. What's so hard about figuring out the bill and transferring it onto paper. When a sales representative tells you a certain amount...that's the amount it should be. You can't sell someone something for a certain amount and then say, oh I'm it's going to be 3times more than what I told you! 
I believe it would be easier just to return the 2 phones and cancel my service since they can't seem to get this straightened out. 
My account should not have any charges on it prior to 1/01/ hard is that to understand?

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Re: My Bill


Summaries and the actual bill are two different things. Wait for the real first bill to invoice.

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