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Misinformed by a Verizon corporate store about Early Edge and now loosing hundred of dollars in order to get account straightened back out.


In early November 2014, my husband and I visited a corporate Verizon store.  While at the store, we were presented with the option to do an "Early Edge" program.  My husband and I both opted to do the Early Edge program and were informed that it would be in our best interested to switch our data plan from 4 GB to 10 GB because it would be cheaper due to the larger discount on the line access charges.  He switched our plan on the spot in the store for us and we proceeded to do the Early Edge agreements.

As part of the Early Edge agreement, the sales associate informed us that we would need to send back our current phones due to receiving a discount on the handsets when we signed the two year contracts with them.  This part was a little confusing for me because I signed my 2-year contract and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 with that contract but was having a lot of problems with it, so I paid full retail price or "out of pocket" for a Motorola Moto X Designed by You that was active on the account when we signed the Early Edge Agreement for my phone number.

The sales associate was adamant that I needed to send the Samsung Galaxy S4 back to Verizon after I received my new phone in the mail from the Early Edge program.  He was well aware that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was NOT currently active on my account as we talked about my Moto X being on the account when he pulled up the account.  So when my new phone arrived in the mail, I activated it and mailed back my Samsung Galaxy S4.

At the end of November and into early December, I started receiving both text messages and e-mails from Verizon stating that I had not returned my device back to Verizon and needed to do so within the next 14 days.  Both myself and my husband called Verizon Customer Care (611 from our handsets) multiple times to try and figure out why we were getting these messages.  We were each told a wide variety of reasons why we were getting these messages.  One phone call my husband was told that the warehouse mixed up the bags our returned devices were in and it would be corrected by the warehouse.  Both my husband and I were told several times that both phones were indeed received, but it took 4-6 weeks for the return to be processed so we didn't have to worry about the messages.

At the end of December, I received another e-mail saying I failed to return my device to Verizon and I would be charged a fee because of this.  I called Verizon Customer Care (611) and was told that I received this messages because the warehouse was expecting a Moto X back and received a Samsung Galaxy S4 instead.  I explained why I sent the Galaxy S4 instead of the Moto X and the customer care representative put me on hold as he spoke with his supervisor, then came back and told me I needed to return to the store where I signed the Early Edge agreement where they could change the phone that the warehouse was expecting from the Moto X to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

My husband and I traveled an hour to the Verizon store where we signed the Early Edge agreement and were told by the store manager that it was impossible for them to change what phone the warehouse was expecting at a store level.  We asked that the store credit us the fee we were expecting to be charged for not returning "the correct phone" since we were mislead by a store employee, but the manager refused to help us with a credit or to even get the situation with the returned phones resolved.

Exhausted and extremely upset, I decided to try one last hope and use the live chat feature on the Verizon website for help with the issue. 

Now, another issue on the account we faced was a $30 overage fee for going over our data plan in November.  We received a ridiculously high Verizon bill in December and when I examined it, I saw we were being charged for a "month in advance" on all of the charges on our account due to signing the Early Edge agreements, as well as $30 fee for going over our data.  It was never explained to us by the sales representative that our next bill would be higher than it normally is because we will be billed for a month in advance, so that was shocking to receive a bill almost $200 higher than our normal bill, and to have a $30 overage fee.  I called Verizon Customer Care (611) and asked about the $30 overage and she told me it was because we changed our data plan at a Verizon store in the middle of our billing cycle.  She spoke to her manager and was approved to give us a $30 bill credit on our next bill since the data plan change should have been back dated to the start of billing cycle to avoid things like a data overage.  So we paid the extremely large bill and when the December bill came, there was to no surprise, no $30 bill credit on our December bill.

So, I waited about 10-15 minutes for a chat agent to become available.  I was connected to an Agent and typed out a lengthy summer of my issue of the missing bill credit to start and told him I had another more complicated issue to discuss after the bill credit.  It said the "Agent is typing a message" down at the bottom of the chat for a long time, I probably waited a good 25 minutes like an idiot before I attempted type another message but was unable to type anything.  While cycling through the open windows on my computer, I noticed there was another pop up from Verizon that said my chat was disconnected because of inactivity.

I got REALLY upset at that point, and had to wait another 10-15 minutes to get into a new chat with a new agent since the other one timed out because the agent never said anything in my chat window.  I was connected with a very helpful and polite agent named Tiffany.  Long chat conversation made short, Tiffany promised to issue a $30 "instant credit" to my account that would take 10-15 minutes to appear and I needed to relog in order to see.  She also told me that I was supposed to send back the Samsung Galaxy S4 since I paid out of pocket for the Moto X and that she would forward the issue to her supervisor to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 accepted by the warehouse so I would not have to pay the fee for returning the wrong device.

It is now January 10th, 2015, and my bill is due by 1/11/15.  There has still not been a $30 "instant credit" posted to my account as my bill amount has not decreased by a single penny since it posted to my account in December.

About 30 minutes after I finished chatting with Tiffany, I received several text messages from Verizon informing me that the warehouse would be returning my Samsung Galaxy S4 to my residence and I needed to return my Moto X after that because it was the last phone active on my account when I signed the Early Edge agreement.

I am EXTREMELY upset that we were misinformed by a sales representative at a corporate Verizon store and it is going to end up costing me hundreds of dollars because I chose to do a Early Edge upgrade and it really screwed up my account.  If I comply with what Verizon is asking and send back my Moto X, I am loosing the $350 dollars I spent to purchase that phone out of pocket plus the $30 dollar overage fee I was charged for a change the representative made on my account in the middle of the bill cycle.  If I refuse to send the Moto X back, I must pay a $250  fee (or higher) for not returning my device plus the $30 overage charge.

I used to really enjoy being a Verizon customer, but now I feel completely scammed out of hundreds of dollars because Verizon as a company is refusing to make a wrong a store associate representing the company made back in November.

This became A LOT longer than I intended it to be and I don't expect anyone to read it fully, so if you take anything away from this forum post (if it doesn't get deleted by Verizon), please take these thoughts away:

  • Do NOT signed up for the Early Edge Program because it will do nothing but give you a ton of headaches, really screw up your Verizon account, and cost you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Do NOT believe when anyone paid by Verizon tells you that you will receive any kind of credit on your account, it will NOT happen.
  • Verizon Wireless will NOT fix any mistakes on your account made by the company itself; Verizon Wireless will come up with solutions on how YOU can fix the problems THEY created on your account, but none of these solutions will actually fix your account.
  • If you are thinking of switching to Verizon from another company, DO NOT.


an extremely disgruntled Verizon Wireless customer who WILL be switching to another carried once the mess of her account gets sorted out.

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Re: Misinformed by a Verizon corporate store about Early Edge and now loosing hundred of dollars in order to get account straightened back out.


I am going to tell you like I have been passing the word about this scam verizion is running with this edge program,basically they been getting our money from both ends,anyway that is how my lawyer explained it to me.I am taking them to court and will see where it goes.

All I'm saying is read the fine print a couple of times because what there putting in print isn't true.

My wife was such a great customer they gave her a couple lg tablets,she told them we got enough at home and they said but there free she said ok I guess if there free.

Two months later I was getting charged and they been in the closet,they don't care about the customerand there liars.

------------------------------------------------------read below--------------------------------------

how do I get out of the edge program


Re: Misinformed by a Verizon corporate store about Early Edge and now loosing hundred of dollars in order to get account straightened back out.


I'm so disgusted with the Edge program.  I signed up and got a iphone that I'm paying full price for.  They told me I had to turn in my Samsung Galaxy 2 Note in order to be eligible for the program.  I owned the Samsung outright...didn't buy it from Verizon.  I should never have let them have it....I got NOTHING for it, no discount.  It was in perfect condition.  I have kicked myself for allowing this and it has really made me disgruntled about Verizon.  I spend $150 a month for one smartphone and one basic for my husband.  We never use all of our data or minutes.  When I finish with this Edge plan, I will be looking for a new carrier.  I'm also encouraging my children and grandchildren to go with another carrier.  Both of my children own businesses and will also look for another carrier there.


Re: Misinformed by a Verizon corporate store about Early Edge and now loosing hundred of dollars in order to get account straightened back out.

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sandeewc wrote:

I'm so disgusted with the Edge program.  I signed up and got a iphone that I'm paying full price for.  They told me I had to turn in my Samsung Galaxy 2 Note in order to be eligible for the program.  I owned the Samsung outright...

You only had to turn in a phone if you were on contract, as the returned phone was the ETF equivalent.  It was called Early Edge.  If you were out of contract, then you didn't turn in a phone.