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Message log not updating for 1 of 2 lines


Do the message log updates for eaxh line not happen at the same time? It's been close to 24 hours since the 2nd line had its message log online update. While the 1st line has updated this morning. I figured this was a server side action so both lines would be updated together. 


Re: Message log not updating for 1 of 2 lines

Asistencia al cliente

Jasteers, we know how important it is to keep track of phone usage details. Though two phones may share an account, details may not update at the same time even when connected to the same tower. These updates will also be based on the type of phone, if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and which messaging apps are being used. To ensure a connection to the network, simply turn off Wi-Fi and ensure that the mobile data is turned on. If messaging details do not update, please advise which make and model phone this is as well as which messaging service is being used so that we may further assist.


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