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I would like to get information about the loyalty plan.  I don't want to post my email address publicly if I don't have to but you should have it since I'm logged in to communities via my verizon account.  ¡Gracias!

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Re: Loyalty Plan

Líder Sénior

Loyalty lines were offered to customers on basic phone plans who decided to go to smartphone plans.  These came with a 1 year contract at the time.  Because they are contracts they are no longer offered to new users, but some current users may be able to take advantage, however, the old loyalty $50 1GB plan is the same price with more features as the New Plan S at $30 + $20 line charge.  Sames goes for the $60 2GB loyalty plan:  You can get the M 3GB plan for $45 + $20 access...$5 for 1GB more.

So, Loyalty lines are as good as non-existent nowadays.

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