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Loyalty Discount extended my contract


My SO and I were looking forward to dropping the ball and chain that is our contract but we found out after a recent visit in store that since the loyalty discount was applied a while back our contract was extended by three months. This little fact was not made known to us beforehand and now we're stuck. Not to mention the discount is not enough to warrant an extra three months of their service.

My question, I guess, is there any way to get out of this without breaking our contract? We spoke to them in store about it and they basically said it would cost ~$175 per person to break our contract, which is madness. We were originally going to take our business elsewhere when our contract was supposed to go up 3/17/2016, but now we're stuck waiting until 6/17/2016.

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Re: Loyalty Discount extended my contract

Líder Sénior

That's what a contract does.  Locks you in exchange for a benefit, and you have to pay to get out of it.

SInce the Loyalty discount was probably given to keep you from bailing out 6 months ago, you now understand why they gave it to you, in exchange for another year on contract.

THis is typical, and all carrier do this sort of exchange.


Re: Loyalty Discount extended my contract

Asistencia al cliente


It saddens me to hear you're thinking of leaving us.  What's going on with your wireless device or service that is causing you to want to leave?  I would love the opportunity to try and restore your confidence in our service.

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