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Teléfono extraviado


Very disappointed in Verizon store employees.  Lost my Note 8 phone and all they were interested in doing was sell me a replacement.  They said they could not help locate it or anything although there is a way with find your phone through the google app I found out later.  They said they deactivated my lost phone but I don't know if that means they locked it to prevent access or what..

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Re: Lost Phone

Community Manager
Community Manager



I'm definitely sorry to hear you had so many issues during this process. We want to make sure you get world class support no matter what. I'm glad to help clear this up. 


On our end there is no way to track a lost phone. Many phones do have a way you can track the device if lost and that is always something you can try, though with many phones that has to be set up ahead of time so it often isn't an option. It also requires the phone to still be on with a network connection.


As for us deactivating the phone, that would have been a suspension in our system. This stops the phone from getting a connection to the Verizon network so you don't have to worry about someone using your plan or charging anything to your account. We don't have the option to lock the device itself though some phones allow you to do this remotely if you have set it up ahead of time. Does this make sense?



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Re: Lost Phone

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Really? You're disappointed that they tried to sell you a phone after you went to a place where they sell phones? If you want someone to help find a phone YOU lost you should have gone to a detective agency!

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