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Log-in problem from foreign countries


I left the country about a month ago just for the summer planning to deactivate my phone once I reached my destination using Once I was out of the country I learned that I could not log into my MyVerizon account for some unknown reason. I tried logging in multiple times on multiple different days and could not get through. After a month I am finally able to log in today but now I am facing a month's worth of bill even though I haven't used a single minute, messages, or data. It is completely not my fault that I could not deactivate my phone and I feel it is very unfair that I need to pay this bill. Please help!

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Re: Log-in problem from foreign countries

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most foreign IP addresses are blocked for security reasons.

You could have suspended service BEFORE you left, you could have called into VZW to have a customer service agent suspend teh line for you, or use the automated system to suspend the line.


Re: Log-in problem from foreign countries

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We appreciate you reaching out to us to inquire on getting this situation handled. With being out of the country I can understand the need to tie up all loose ends before and while gone.  As we aim to ensure we can help in any way we can and we are available via forums, social media, phone, My Verizon, chat, etc. even when out of the country. So with the billing concerns, those charged would be accurate in satisfying the accoun. The good news is that this would be your last billing with us until you choose to reactivate the services again in the future.

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