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Lied to, Lied to again, then again and an additional layer of lies


In November I was looking to add a phone to my plan for my 'tween.  I called Verizon and the rep sold me a Galaxy Core based on this wonderful $50.00 rebate that the purchase of this specific phone at this specific time qualified me for.  No mistakes here, I take copious notes on conversations with Verizon.  We looked at how it would affect my overall plan, how much it would add to my bill, etc.  She kept reiterating that this $150 phone would only cost me $100 after the rebate.  During this call, she also noted that another phone on my plan that had been eligible for upgrade for well over a year was being charged too much, and she deducted $20.00 per month for that line and that would be the new billing amount until I upgraded.  Awesome- buuuut, why had I been overcharged on that line for over a year.  I am considering this lie #1--I shouldn't have been paying that much on that line, and that is something Verizon should have been aware of and fixed long before my call.  So, I agree to the sale, the plan upgrade etc. and when the phone arrives I file for the rebate.  If you have not ever done this, it is a real slice of heaven, I tell you.  You are asked to do it online, but you can't because you have to physically cut up the box to send in the bar codes on the end of it.  Two or so weeks after I submit the rebate request, I get a rejection post card saying that my purchase is not eligible for a rebate. When I got the notice, I tried live chat and the person was nice but said that he/she couldn't answer my questions but that those calls are recorded and I can call the number on the card, and if the sales agent did tell me there was a rebate available, they would work with me.  So, I call the number on the card on Jan. 15 and had a leeeeeennnnnnnnngthy conversation with a rep who at first tells me that there was not a rebate on that phone on the date I bought it, so I told him the dates the sales rep had said the rebate ran for and asked to have that call reviewed because I was sure that she told me I would get a rebate. After putting me on hold several times under the guise of checking with supervisors, etc. he informed me that there had, in fact, been a mistake, my purchase was eligible for a rebate and that I would get e-mail verification in the next 15 days and that my rebate should arrive in the form of a VISA card within six weeks.  I am betting you can guess what happens next.  No e-mail and no rebate VISA card.  Today I call the rebate center again, talk to someone for about 15 minutes, insist on talking to someone who can review all aspects of this inquiry including the original call when I ordered my phone.  I was put on hold and I waited on hold for at least 45 minutes.  The total time on this call including the conversation and hold time was 60 minutes and 8 seconds.  I hung up and called back.  This time I get an agent who tells me, after looking at the records, that I submitted two rebate requests for the phone-lie #2.  I started the rebate process online and then got to the part where you have to submit all of the physical stuff because you cannot copy, scan, fax, etc. those numbers, you have to cut them off the box, and the same for your receipt--has to be the original you send them.  This I remember clearly because I called in about it and a representative at Verizon suggested that since the phone was a gift and I didn't want to give it to my daughter with a mangled box, that I should go to my local Verizon store and see if they had an extra box that they would give me.  Second guy on the phone today tells me also that this phone was never eligible for a rebate because I did not pay full price for it.  WTF?!?!?!  The phone was listed for $150 on the website, the lady at Verizon told me it was $150 and that the rebate would drop it to $100.  This was the FIRST time I had been told that this was the reason for the rejection of the rebate request, the first rebate guy said it was because of the purchase date. What are we up to, lie #3?  At this point I am really angry and I keep demanding that he put me on the phone with someone who can listen to those calls because I feel that I had been lied to.  He tells me he can't review the call, I keep insisting, and after 20 minutes of this he says he is going to transfer me to a supervisor and puts me on hold.  Four minutes later he gets back on the phone, tells me he has personally listened to my call from Jan. 15, and that I had only been told that the matter had been sent for review to the supervisors.  When I questioned why I hadn't been called or e-mailed he told me that they don't do that.  I can only get the status of my rebate through the website.  My personal notes from the Jan. 15 call are:  "Called on 1/15.  Rebate approved & should get e-mail verification 15 days from today."  So, if you have lost count, here are lies #4-rebate rep either could listen to the call and told me he couldn't OR didn't listen to the call and told me he did.  I am guessing the second scenario because my first call on the rebate was really, really long and I was only on hold for 4 minutes while the guy "listened to the whole thing" and determined I had never been told the rebate was approved, #5 I would be contacted through e-mail to verify the rebate had indeed been approved, and #6 the rep did not have the ability to listen to my Jan 15 call.  Of course, Verizon insists that I am a lunatic.  I made up that I was told that the phone qualified for a rebate, I imagined that the first rebate guy told me it was a mistake and all of the info he gave me about how and when I would receive the rebate was factual as to how Verizon issues rebates, but I just imagined that he told me that.  I ended up telling this second rep, and I have his name and employee number, that I did not believe him or anyone else at Verizon and I hung up on him.

I have two phones still under contract.  When those phones are eligible for upgrade, I will be leaving Verizon.  I have been with this company for a long, long time, and although I have gotten yanked around by them time and time again in the past, this is the most egregious level of dishonesty I have encountered with them.  And let me be clear--at this point the $50 is a moot point.  I will be leaving because I no longer trust this company.

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Re: Lied to, Lied to again, then again and an additional layer of lies


Ok then bye.

This post was too long and all, could not make sense of it.


Re: Lied to, Lied to again, then again and an additional layer of lies

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Good luck to you in whatever you decide.

If in your shoes, I would forget about all those device payments, rebates & special offers. Just buy unlocked phones directly from the manufacturer & be done with it. You can still even buy flip phones & they are dirt cheap.


Re: Lied to, Lied to again, then again and an additional layer of lies

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I have problems, too:

Verizon Chat on 2-24-16 - I asked if I would receive the XL bonus data if I purchased 2 iPhones from Best Buy, the rep said yes. (In hindsight, I wish I had specifically referred the the 2G bonus, but I feel the rep should address any differences the plans when getting the phones from BB versus Verizon. I copied and pasted this conversation into a Note file. I also requested that a copy be sent to my email, but I never received it.

Verizon Chat followup - discussed issues related to getting the XL plan, but I didn't save the transcript. Verizon won't send it to me because it's confidential - I don't have a right to see my own conversation?

2-25-16 - Phone call to Verizon before going into the store to buy the 2 phones to verify I would get the 2G of bonus data per new line. The rep said yes and I agreed to have the contract updated. Went inside and purchased the 2 iPhones.

3-3-16 (+/- 1 day) - Phone call to Verizon because I see that my plan is updated to XL, but I don't see the bonus data for the new lines. The rep says he will get the account updated and I'll receive an email to that effect. No email shows up (just like with the first chat conversation). Yes, I scanned the Junk folder carefully.

3-6-16 - Phone call to Verizon where I'm told that I was not eligible and no one at Verizon would have told me anything different. Believe me, I didn't make up the 3-3-16 response by the representative.

This is really infuriating, needless to say. I went thru steps to verify the bonus and was then told it would be added with an email to confirm. These reps wanted for me to upgrade and then for me to leave so that they could say anything to get the next customer to sign a new contract. They didn't have the time to listen to my questions. In my opinion, the guy who said my plan would be updated just didn't want to deal with my problem.