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Late Payment Fee with AutoPay?

I recently switched to Verizon, and set up auto-pay immediately, yet I'm showing a late payment and a $5 late charge on my very first bill. How can this be possible?

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Re: Late Payment Fee with AutoPay?

Verizon Employee

Thank you for setting up Auto Pay with us. It's so convenient. Unexpected charges aren't fun. I'll be happy to help and check this out for you. Please check your Private Message.


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Re: Late Payment Fee with AutoPay?

Líder Sénior

What were you told when you "set up auto-pay immediately"? Normally, when setting up auto-pay, you get a message that it can take awhile before it would take effect and to continue paying your bill manually UNTIL you get a notice that your bill would be paid automatically. Look at your previous bill. Does it have a statement saying your payment will be made automatically on such and such date? If not, auto-pay had not yet taken effect and you would have had to make that payment manually.

Another option would be you set your auto-pay data AFTER the due date on the bill and as a result, payment was not paid in time to avoid a late fee. Setting up auto-pay to pay late does not keep you from being assessed a late fee. I normally have my auto-pay set to be paid 5 days before the due date, that way if there is a problem with the payment, I can manually make it at that time.

One last idea would be your payment information was not input correct and payment was denied when it was requested.