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Just switched, how can I cancel?


I just switched to Vz from Sprint and spent about 4-5 hours on chat and phone the day I made the switch, on June 17.  I confirmed with 3 different Verizon employees that day regarding the special that was available for customers switching and purchasing iPhone 7s.  I just completed the process to get reimbursement for getting out of my contract with Sprint.  I had to agree to things that were not what I was told on June 17th when I switched.  There was a special going on that if you turned in an iphone 6 or 7, you could get an iphone 7 for $15 month for 24 months AND get up to $650 towards payoff of contracts/phones with Sprint.  I was NEVER told that the credit applied to my monthly payment of the new iphone 7s would be deducted from the $650 per line.  I would not have switched had I been told the truth.  I only switched because it came out to be less than $100 out of pocket for me to switch to Verizon, turning in 2 iphone 7s and 3 iphone 6s.  Now, after I made the switch, I am told over the phone and in the terms and conditions that the credit I received for turning in phones will be deducted from the up to $650 of my payoff to Sprint.  I am now going to pay over $1500 out of pocket that Verizon will not reimburse me.  This is clearly a bait and switch by your sales people who just wanted to make the sale. 

I am so upset that I want to completely cancel my order, get my Sprint phones back and return to Sprint, even though their service is terrible.  I plan to go on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and tell all of my friends and co-workers at a large IT company about this.  If Verizon would like to keep my business, they can pay the $1500 that was promised to me when I inquired about switching.  I confirmed with two different chat reps and one over the phone.  You either have a bait and switch going on or your sales reps are not trained well enough to understand how it works.   Regardless, I have now spent approximately 10 hours in making the switch and arguing that what you are giving me is not what was promised to me.  I would have emailed this to Verizon but they have not way to email their customer service.  My choices are to argue with someone from another country over the phone or chat with someone who only refers me to a phone number that only refers me to a website. 

Please let me know how you would like to proceed, either canceling my order and returning my phones, or reimbursing me for what I was promised.

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Re: Just switched, how can I cancel?


If you had traded in your Sprint phones to Verizon Wireless already, you won't have any chance of getting them back.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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Re: Just switched, how can I cancel?

Community Manager
Community Manager

mjajoster -

Working with integrity should always be our priority when welcoming new customers to our network. I am sorry to hear this isn't the experience you had.  To allow me to better assist you, I sent you a private message. Please contact me there at your earliest convenience so we can work through this together.


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