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Is this common practice for Sales Reps?


I attended the Oklahoma State Fair in 2013 and a Verizon Booth had a sign that offered free phone upgrades "Today Only". We thought this was a valuable offer so we asked what the details were and they said that we could get the discounted price on a phone to extend our contract another 2 years. What the rep failed to tell us was that 180 days later, the 2 lines they added and suspended on our account would be reactivated and we would be paying for 4 lines instead of 2. After dealing with this issue for over a year,our original 2 lines reached the end of their contract date and were able to be dropped, but we have paid a huge amount of fees and time wasted with customer service. This is disappointing customer service for a company that provides such a good service. Upon further investigation I was told that these Verizon representatives were from out of state.I will be protesting a Verizon booth if I see one at our fair this year.

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Re: Is this common practice for Sales Reps?


It was more likely a local third party retailer than a Verizon Wireless corporate booth.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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