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Is Adding Insurance Plan Mandatory for Store Pick Ups?


I stopped by a local verizon store to pick up my iPhone and was told the insurance plan is necessary for store pick ups

I told him that I don't want to add it. Indeed, the initial order I made online does not include the insurance plan.

He kept saying that it's mandatory and told me to call the CS to cancel it since he can't do it on his own.

Now I check my bill online, he added a $13 monthly insurance to my bill.

I didn't choose this option.

He didn't even mentioned that he was choosing this plan.

It seems like his just lied to me so that he can get the commission.

I know that once I remove the insurance from my account, I can't re-purchase it.

Is there any way I can report this sales rep and have the insurance plan dismissed??

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Re: Is Adding Insurance Plan Mandatory for Store Pick Ups?

VZ Employee Emeritus

This is definitely not the type of experience we want our
customers to have, SU8340. I have sent a Private Message to your inbox. We look
forward to working with you.

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