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If I transfer to someone else's family plan, do I still get my 2-year upgrade?


I have my own Verizon 2-year contract, but a family member has recently offered to let me join their family plan. I am due for an upgrade the day after Christmas this year. I'm not quite sure how to go about the process of switching over while still getting my scheduled upgrade. Provided I wait until December 26 to do anything, do I have to re-up my own contract in order to get the upgrade, or can I get the upgrade and transfer my number to their family plan at the same time? I really hope I wouldn't have to give up the upgrade that I've been waiting 2 years for.

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Re: If I transfer to someone else's family plan, do I still get my 2-year upgrade?

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"Upgrade" is becoming an obsolete term, at least by what most people think of as an "upgrade".  It used to be a deeply discounted phone, sometimes even free, in exchange for agreeing to keep your line of service for 2 years (a contract, in other words).  Generally, the new phone was a better model than what you had, hence it was an "upgrade."

Are you currently on a contract, and looking to get a good deal on a new phone with a new contract?  Or are you on a Device Payment Plan, and eligible to start a new plan once your current device is paid off?  And, what family plan are you wanting to join?  If it's a newer plan, there are no more contracts - only device payment plans or outright purchases.  In most cases, that's a better deal anyway.

A few more details about what your current plan and situation is, and what plan you are hoping to join, would allow us to give you a more accurate answer.