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I suspended my phone but Verizon is still billing me..


I have suspended my account, and I can see it is still in suspension which is suppose to be without billing. But I found out that Verizon is still billing me, and send a mail showing I have an overdue. I can't understand this situation, and I really need help to get rid of this bill. I should I do?

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Re: I suspended my phone but Verizon is still billing me..

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I can certainly understand your confusion, ktddk0312! Let's find out why this is happening. When did you suspend your service, and what was the reason for the suspension? Vacation suspension are up to 90 days without billing, and then service reactivates.

You can also review your bill on My Verizon to see the itemized information regarding what the charges are for. With a few more details, we can help pinpoint why you are getting a bill.

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