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How to file a Complaint - Vacaville Verizon Store?


Hola there,

Can someone tell me who should I contact to make a complaint for costumer service for the Verizon Store in Vacaville, CA?

They were the worst, liars and didn't refund me as it was promised!!!! And when I went there to complaint and return some of the products they stuffed in the bag without me wanting they made me wait for a long time and were very rude.. Please let me know thank you

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Re: How to file a Complaint - Vacaville Verizon Store?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm very disappointed to see you've had such an unpleasant experience at a store, CaOranges. Was this the store at 1610 E Monte Vista Ave? Do you recall the name of the rep(s) you worked with? We can ensure your feedback is heard by the district manager but would like a few more details.


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Re: How to file a Complaint - Vacaville Verizon Store?


Hi jennifer

I replied via email, please let me know if you received it.  <<Reply How to file a Complaint - Vacaville Verizon Store? - To Jennifer H.Text copied below >>

Thank you

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your reply. The store is at 196 Nut Tree Pkwy

Vacaville, CA - 95687

Ph (707) 452-1730

The reps name is Andrew.

Here is what happened:

I went there, bcos I wanted to change from ATT to Verizon, Best Buy was

crazy, so I went directly to the store hoping to get a better costumer


I asked if the Samsung S5 was free, or if I should go to Best Buy and get

it there since they were selling for $1 with a new plan.

He said it was, than since it was WED before Thanksgiving, he was going to

give me some accessories, including a Bluethooth speaker that I was told I

didn't need it cos I already had one, he said it was free all for the black

friday special. Including the phone.

At the end the invoice came for a total of $448. 24 when I saw the prices I

wanted to return it all, he said that on black friday they would make

a reimbursement to my credit card of $300 and I would have the mail rebate

of $50.

The reimbursement was only for 243 and the phone ended up costing me a lot

of money.

On monday I went to return the speaker, not only they made me wait, were

all upset because I was returning, and when I asked why I wasn't reimbursed

the full $300 he looked at me and told me that now that I'm returning the

speaker I was getting the 300 back...

Now I'm ok to pay, if I'm told ahead what my costs will be, I wasn't in a

cheap unreliable store, I was at Verizon where I expected some clarity

and correctness, if I new I would spend as much money I would have gone to

Best Buy.

Please advise,

Thank you


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