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How long does it take for discounts to be applied?


Today I just started up the Start Unlimited plan for $80 a month, but set up Auto-Pay and received the Student Discount which should take my bill down to $60. However, after checking the Verizon app, it says my next bill & new month bill will both be $85? I'm not sure why this is or how long it will take for the discounts to be applied but I am a bit concerned. 


Re: How long does it take for discounts to be applied?

Asistencia al cliente

As a fellow consumer I also like taking advantage of any deal/discount that is going to save me money, especially during these tough times. The Student Discount is an awesome way to save money, specially with how expensive a college/university can be. After your status is confirmed, it can take up to 2 bill cycles for any discount updates to appear on your monthly bill. It will be normal for the Next Bill Summary to show the monthly charges before any type of discount. Question #9 in the following link will provide more information about this matter.