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How does Edge work if the screen is cracked


Ok, so this might be a stupid question, and please don't just tell me that I should have gotten insurance because I KNOW.

Anyway, I have the iPhone 6 Plus and I started my contract with the edge program in december of 2014. I now have paid of 62% of my phone and last week i had that unfortunate thing happen where the screen cracks a little bit in the corner after dropping it from only a few inches off the ground. I know, its life, and I should have had insurance but now I'm trying to figure out what my options are from here.

So here are my understanding of the situation and my question, please correct me if I'm wrong and tell me as much as possible..

Once I get to 75% i'm technically eligible to upgrade to the 6s Plus if I return my old device.

My question is are they going to let me return it even with the crack in it if all of the functions still work fine?

If they will not accept cracked phones to start payments on a new phone, would it be more beneficial for me to pay to fix the screen at a kiosk or something and return it?

If I continue to make payments on my phone until it is 100% paid off, I get to keep it if I want to start payments on another phone right? So then I could simply keep my cracked phone and get a brand new one?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: How does Edge work if the screen is cracked

Líder Sénior

You cannot return a damaged device on Edge.  You can have Apple repair the screen and still trade it in on Edge, but I would be wary of home or kiosk repairs as they might not be covered under accepted repairs.  If you keep it to 100% it is yours and you might even be able to sell it for a fair amount.  If you return a damaged device on Edge, you will be billed $300 or more and be out that trade-in value.  You might even sell the phone as is, and pay off the remaining amount and have some left over to put towards a new phone.