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How do I get Verizon to add unlimited data back to my account?

So, I am just about done with Verizon.  I have been a customer for many years.  I recently upgraded my phone and went through a whole bunch of steps to make sure that I would keep my unlimited data plan...and yes I paid full price for the phone.  I was told no problem...within one day I started receiving overage alerts...which still won't turn off.  This was December 16th.

I have now called 7 times...each customer service agent has PROMISED they would take care of it, and how terrible it is that those other agents didn't handle my problem.  Each time I end up spending 30-60 minutes on the phone so the agent can "get to the bottom of this"  I have probably wasted 5 hours of my life dealing with this...

It feels like I am being set up to pay huge fees or lost my unlimited data...there seems to be this magic place that is supposed to approve this, but no way to contact them.  This whole situation is ridiculous and I almost to the point of just eating the cost of early termination so I don't have to deal with this anymore...some help from someone who won't lie to me would be nice...not expecting much though...


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Re: How do I get Verizon to add unlimited data back to my account?
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Check the Verizon Wireless documentation that was signed to see if there is any mention of data limits.