How do I file a complaint to upper management?


I am trying to find out how to file a complaint to someone that can finally fix my billing issue. I purchased four (4) Note 8 cellphones in December (two new lines) and had an agreement that two of the phones will be free and a credit will be added to my account monthly to the two lines. I have spoken with customer service TEN (10) times (no exaggeration), each apologizes and "promises" that they will get the problem fixed, but they have not. the last representative told me that she sees that I should be credited and will personally call or text me on Friday April 6, 2018 to make sure that it is corrected this time. It is now the twelfth and I have not heard from her. I follow my end of the deal and pay my bill, I do not understand why is it so hard to fix this issue and why does it take over ten times to contact customer service to get this issue fixed? I have wasted so many hours with this issue and am very unsatisfied with the service I have received. Please send me a phone number (not customer service), email address and/or physical address.

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Re: How do I file a complaint to upper management?

Community Manager
Community Manager

KYLDEG60 we want this resolved ASAP.  Our customer service is our priority.  We always want to make sure you are getting the proper promotions.  A private message has been sent to you so we can assist you further.


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