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How do I correct a $792 overcharge


I have been a Verizon customer for 10 year or more. I am unable to correct the $792 overcharge.  I have spent 8 weeks speaking to over 7 Verizon service representatives with no luck.  How do I get my money back?

The $792 overcharge stems from the return of a defective Samsung Edge mobile phone.  I have detailed records of all communications.  A summary of event is below:

                9-25-16                 Purchase of an iPhone and a Samsung Edge with a 2 year contract from Verizon.

10-3-16                 In store Verizon representative confirms new Samsung Edge is defective and I need to return it.

                                Called Verizon customer service and spoke with Carmen [removed].  Carmen ordered a new phone and asked me to return defective phone.

10-8-16                 Called Verizon and kept on hold by representative Brandon for 2 hours and 20 minutes.  He never returned.

                                Called back same day and spoke with Ben who confirmed the $792 overcharge.

                                I was transferred to supervisor Brittany who corrected the previous actions of Carmen [removed]. 

                                                Resultado:  Overcharge not corrected.

10-11-16               I received 2 replacement phones at my home.

10-13-16               Called Verizon customer service and spoke with Tamara who instructed me to keep 1 phone and send back the defective phone and the new phone.  She will correct overcharge.

                                                Resultado:  Overcharge not corrected.

11-10-16               Received Verizon bill of $ 1,511.33, an overcharge of $792.

11-11-16               Called Verizon customer service and spoke with supervisor Tanya who said she reversed the $1,511.33 charge on my bank account and credited my Verizon account for $792.  A new bill will be issued. 

                                                Resultado:  Overcharge not corrected.

11-20-16               Called Verizon customer service and spoke with Clark.  Clark said he processed the corrections.

                                                Resultado:  Overcharge not corrected.

11-27-16               Overcharge has not been fixed as of today.

How can I get my money back?

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Re: How do I correct a $792 overcharge

Asistencia al cliente


We never want you paying more than you should be. I have gone ahead & sent you a Private Message so I may look further into this for you.

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Re: How do I correct a $792 overcharge


Verizon rep. has promised to return my $ 792 (just like all the other reps) .  As of today December 1st, 2016 no such thing has happened.  Verizon is long on promises but short on making good on those promises.

Still not happy,

Perry V.